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Testimonial #0304: "It is great to see all my expertise and ideas put up in an impressive format. Hope this gives a new dimension to my career". Mr. S. D. [CEO, Chemical]                     more testimonials

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Resume LABB is proud to have delivered customer delight and truly good value to all our clients.

The reason for our excellence is simple. We have never stopped after making a little difference - we go on till the resume has reached a level that gives a quite unfair advantage to our clients.

The high quality of each and every Resume LABB resume reflects our desire to create a document that is worthy of our client's skills and experience.

We do agree that after all is said and done, the customer is the final arbiter of the quality of any service.

Our list of extremely satisfied clients include Design Engineers, CEOs, Freshers, Chartered Accountants, Lawyers, Project Managers, Professors, Facility Managers, Software Programmers, Research Associates, Customer Care Managers, Financial Analysts, HR Managers, Doctors, Sales Managers, Process Executives, Production Supervisors, Facility Managers, Domain Experts, Administrative Officers, Operations Managers, Company Secretaries, Travel Managers, you name it!

Over the years, Resume LABB has won high praise from thousands of our clients - in fact heaps of it! We reproduce just a few...

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Resume is very clear and to the point highlighting the significant areas. It is a job well done. Mr. A. V., Customer Care Manager (Healthcare)

Great job. The choice of words and its presentation really gives a new look to my profile. This is a welcome start to my future endeavors. This service is of much help to professionals and freshers.  Mr. S. K. S., Asst. Merchandising Manager (Retail)

Resume was very crisp and professional. Mr. M. N., Manager (Logistics)

Good job done. Gives a good insight. Mr. N. S., Business Manager (Online Publishing)

Inputs taken from me very professionally. Really wonderful resume. Gives me confidence in applying to big companies. Mr. M. S., Business Process Consultant (Information Technology)

Found my resume technically competent and am satisfied with the design of the resume. Mr. P. R. K., Service Engineer (Automobile)

Good resume. Innovative. Expresses my confidence to the companies in a real way. Mr. P. R. K., Sales Executive (Finance)

Extremely professional. The CV aims at the candidate's strengths and highlights the resume. All the best. Ms. P. C. S., Customer Relations Officer (Telecom)

Good work done. Performance oriented resume is a good approach to present a CV. Mr. A. S., Manager - Strategic Planning (IT)

The resume is really good. It looks very professional. That you for a good resume. Mr. A. B., Fresher (Computer Science)

This way of CV is simply too good. Make a good future by getting resume from Resume Labb.  Mr. M. A. G., Fresher (IT)

Very impressive. Introduces the positive side of me to myself. Mrs. J. R., Merchandiser (Retail)

I am happy to receive my first resume! I found the resume to be a complete description of myself. Ms. S. T., Fresher (Engineer)

That was great work by you. You described me better than I could myself! Thanks. Mr. A. E., Fresher (IT)

It is as good as I had expected it to be and am pretty impressed with myself. Its really nice and encompasses everything i have done in the last 12 yrs and highlights it in the best way possible in 2 pages. Mr. A. N., Director [Hospitality]

Excellent stuff, You really gave a true look to my profile. Thanks a lot. Mr. S. N. Manager - Analytics & Support [Ecommerce]

Good one! I will comment more after my interview! Mr. S., Technical Specialist (Automobile)

The efforts you put in to preparing my resume is really appreciable. Mr. M. Y., Shift Coordinator (IT)

You are doing good job. Mr. S. M., Junior Engineer (Manufacturing)

All the information in a nutshell. Mr. A. J., Officer - Stores & Purchase (Manufacturing)

It is very nice to see my profile established in  a professional way. It gives me added advantage in terms of better placement and negotiation. Mr. R. J., Assistant Accounts Manager (Logistics)

The one hour of discussion really helped me understand where I lacked and the improvements needed. I felt the CV was really good and nicely presented. Wish you all the best for the years to come. Mr. K. S., Assistant Manager (Finance)

Good listening skills. Job well done. Mr. H. P., Product Development Manager (Manufacturing)

The resume was very nice and impressive. Mr. A. R., Engineer (Manufacturing)

Excellent presentation with crisp language is very effective. Wonderful grasp of the necessities. Mr. A. N., Marketing Manager (Automobile)

Excellent work done within 24 hours (note: early delivery is charged a premium). Mrs. R., Sales Manager (IT)

It was a great experience talking with you and it changed the way I look at my own resume. I will continue to take your help and recommend others who need similar services. Mr. V. S., Regional Manager (Electronics)

It was wonderful. You were sincere in your job. Overall it was a great experience top get this resume done.  Mr. P. S., Customer Relationship Officer (Hospitality)

Excellent work. I am delighted to know through you about myself in a more structured manner. Core competencies have come out very well. Mr. R. S., Sales Officer (FMCG)

The CV is much clearer and well organized. Can't believe myself when I look at my resume! Every piece of information was placed in its proper place. Mr. L. C. B., Senior Quality Auditor (Textiles/Garments)

Thank you and it is exactly what I wanted. Mrs. P. V., Business Analyst (Telecom)

It's nice to see my resume in such a way that expresses my positive qualities. Mrs. R. S., Customer Care (Media)

Excellent resume. I am happy to note that all positive traits were brought out in a very clear and concise manner. Mr. K. V., Field Executive (FMCG)

Great work at the given time as per the specifications. Thank you. Wish "U" good luck. Mr. S. K., Unit Manager (Insurance)

Thank you so much and I really like what you have done to my resume. It looks very professional now. Mr. A. S., System Analyst (IT)

Very well structured resume. Captures all the essentials and at the same time highlights the key strengths. Would recommend to anybody looking for a good job. Mr. M. N., Technical Manager (Design)

Clear in what you want from the client and the client wants from you. You really made a difference to my resume. Mr. S. K., PG Student (IT)

Thanks for your services which were professional and quite prompt. Mr. J. R., Finance Manager (Oil & Gas)

Presentation is fine. Covers most of what I am. Mr. M. P., Project Coordinator (ITES)

They have put all my (hidden) talents into a single page - awesome! Resume Labb's interview was very useful; now I find my job interview very easy! Mr. J. P., Senior System Engineer (IT)

Very punctual. Attentive. Very careful in delivering the results. Mr. A. D., Advisor (Insurance)

My resume is elegant and superb and gives the idea that the applicant will be a performer. Combining strengths and years of experience in two pages is not easy. With this resume my confidence will definitely be high in the interview. Mr. A. C., Cluster Head - Collections (Telecom)

Very satisfied with the work and approach. Mr. V. L. P., General Manager - Commercial (Healthcare)

Thank you for your input in making my Resume. I appreciate your work done. Mr. S. M.. MD Pharmacology (Medicine)

Nice. Ms. S., Accounts (Travel)

I would really like to appreciate the effort put in preparing my resume. They have used even the minute details which I might have ignored. Mr. P. S., Senior Consultant (IT)

Presentation of CV is very good. I am going to achieve my goal with this new pattern. Mr. N. V., Business Development Manager (IT)

Extremely good. Mr. K. R., Deputy Manager (Insurance)

Excellent work. I am sure that this will impress any employer since it conveys required things very briefly. I wish the Resume Labb team success in making their clients successful. Mr. P. R., Senior Consultant (IT)

Very good. Mr. K. V., Fresher (Engineer)

I became clearer in my goals after the talk (at Resume Labb). It's rewarding and well worth the money. Mr. G. S., Marine Engineer (Shipping)

I would rate my resume by Resume Labb as very good, precise and to the point. Mr. S. B., Chartered Accountant (Finance)

I liked your commitment and approach. I have utter satisfaction with your work. Mr. B. S., Fresher (Finance)

Resume was very good. All information was compressed into just 2 pages and was easy to understand. Mr. V. K., Assistant Systems Engineer (ITES)

Pretty good work. Mr. M. S., Business Analyst (IT)

Excellent preparation of CV - brief and easy for the recruiter to understand. All in all nice presentation. Keep up the good work. Mr. R. K., Admin Manager (Garments)

Exceptionally sound and impressive. Keep up the good work. Mr. S. K., Admin Manager (Legal)

Good work done and effective, crisp resume developed. Mr. M. V. A., Materials Manager (Energy)

Excellent resume. Keep it up. Mr. S. K., Managing Director (Construction)

The CV is much better structured, and the job was done on time. I am satisfied with the work done. Mr. M. B., Senior Manager - Exports (Bio Products)

Thoughtful structuring of resume highlighting salient points and key strengths. It enhances the scope of my job prospects. Mr. K. S., General Manager (Automobile)

Resume format is really good. Mr. K. R., Associate (ITES)

Good resume drafting, well customized to my requirements. Mr. T. K., Senior Auditor (IT)

1. Structured resume. 2. Got an opportunity to interview before the job interview! Mr. B. C., Area Sales Manager (Pharmaceutical)

Resume was very concise and brought forward an excellent impression of what my job involved. Mr. R. G., Manager - Design Engineering (Engineering)

Resume excellently projects what I have been unable to do all these years. Mr. C. J., Assistant Manager - Quality Control (Manufacturing)

Excellent resume. Mr. S. V. S., Division Head (Logistics)

Past 7 years I have been struggling in my resume development. Thanks Resume Labb. Mr. P. J., Accountant (Retail)

Highly focused and professional. Excellent output. Fully satisfied. Good luck! Mr. V. N., Managing Partner (Hospitality)

Excellent resume. Definitely increases one's value. Mr. J. N., Sales Manager (Hospitality)

Good approach. Mr. A. K., Sales Manager (Engineering)

Excellent profile. Resume Labb provides a good mirror for understanding the candidate. Mr. N. S., Accounts Manager (Telecom)

Resume is very impressive, very good. Ms. S. J., Fresher (IT)

Very good. I got just what I wanted. Mr. S. C., District Manager - Sales (Automobile Accessories)

Really is up to my satisfaction. Thanks for the thoughtful and professional service. Mr. M. , Stores Manager (Retail)

The CV that you prepared for me is very good. Mr. P. C., Fresher (Engineer)

Before approaching Resume Labb I had lot of doubts about resume development and being a fresher I was very nervous. I got lots of confidence for the interview during the discussion. Mr. N. S., Fresher (IT)

You straightaway bring my career to sharp focus. I feel good reading about my performance (in the resume)! This resume reduces the stress involved in the actual interview. Mr. K. S., Mechanical Engineer (Engineering)

It is more than what I expected. More than satisfied. Mr. R., Associate (ITES)

It is great to see all my expertise and ideas put up in an impressive format. Hope this gives a new dimension to my career. Thanks for all the efforts you have taken.  . Mr. S. D., CEO (Chemical)

Resume prepared was very much above my expectation and will definitely attract employers. You are perfect and punctual. Mr. S. K., Fresher (Insurance)

I thank the Resume Labb people for making my resume so impressive. They have included all things necessary for applying for a job - all in a clear and neat order. Mr. J. A., Fresher (IT)

1. Nicely done job. 2. Lots of talent. Mr. O. M., Finance Manager (Finance)

Fine. Mr. P. K., Fresher (Engineering)

It was a fantastic job, far above my expectations. Mr. A. A., Hardware Engineer (Trading)

Responsive, prompt and committed to work. Mr. A., Fresher (Engineering)

The presentation is really excellent. I am impressed in the way the "key strengths" are written. The formatting is good and the way the topics are presented is in a manner I expected.  Mr. S. S., Customer Care Officer (ITES)

The interest and commitment is great. My new resume helps me go into the market with lots of courage. I wish you all the best. Mr. G. S., Assistant Manager - Direct Sales (Banking)

Impressed. You guys are very focused. Mr. R. K., Technical Services Specialist (Pharmaceutical)

Thanks for making a very result/goal oriented resume. Keep up the great job. Mr. L. B., Research Analyst (ITES)

Wonderful presentation. Lots of potential; all the best. Mr. S. S., Team Manager (Insurance)

Good output. Precise - to meet the ends. Mr. R. S., Senior Project Manager (IT Software)

It was a truly unique way of creating a resume. Mr. K. S., Senior Systems Analyst (IT)

Your understanding of client requirement is good. Punctuality and time management are appreciated. Mr. N. S., General Manager - Marketing (Manufacturing)

Impressive. Mr. I. A., Senior Executive (Telecom)

Very good service with excellent understanding of customer and implementation of thoughts into words. Mr. B. B., Process Officer (Banking)

I like the way the resume is structured. It clearly brings out what is needed for my target job. Mr. R. A., Consultant (IT)

Really a fantastic job. I should have taken up your service a year earlier! Never thought my resume would have this force. Thank you (Resume Labb). Mr. I. J., Accountant (Trading)

Hats off! Keep doing your good work. I will certainly recommend my contacts to you for the simple reason that they will benefit and thank me! Mr. B. S., Deputy Sales Manager (Home Entertainment)

I very much appreciate the professional approach you took. The content developed (through the discussion) showed your depth and understanding of the field. Mr. N. T., Assistant Engineer (Engineering)

Interview for the resume was like viewing myself in me. A different way of resume presentation. I am happy. Ms. L., Fresher (Food and Beverage)

Very impressive - crisp and precise. Should make an impression with employer when my resume is seen. Mr. K. N. S., DGM Product Development (Engineering)

I got a good resume. Mr. N. S., Sales Executive (Media/Publishing)

The resume is excellent and I am fully satisfied. There is nothing more to say about your work. Mr. R. M., Consultant (Training)

The ultimate choice! Mr. G. S., Team Leader (IT)

Crisp and effective. Changes the "face value" of my resume to a great extent. Mr. R. P., Marketing Manager (Telecom)

Resume Labb does a great job of capturing the idea/skills one would like to put across. All the best for further achievements! Mrs. J. M., Project Lead (IT)

Good in preparing comprehensive resume. Good language. In today's world resume must be very short and have all the content - you have made my resume in a better way. Mr. P. K., Senior Manager (Logistics)

I am highly affected by my new resume which will help me in my job search. Mr. R. N., Electrical Engineer (Engineering)

Very good! Mr. U. B., Teacher (Education)

I appreciate your initiative in knowing the real areas of interest to understand the ultimate requirement. I also admire your professionalism, timeliness and ability to understand the attitude of the client. Mr. R. V., Branch Head (Banking)

Very precise and contains what is exactly needed. On the whole good work. Mr. S. S., Fresher (Hospitality)

A lot of information has been given in my short CV. This will help me a lot and will be much appreciated. Mr. G. N., Fabric Manager (Manufacturing)

Excellent. Masterpiece product. Wish you never ending business. Mr. S. G., Regional Sales Manager (Chemical)

First of all, I have never seen this type of resume in my life. This resume is extraordinary - your work, your thinking, resume format, everything is nice - thank you. I hope you continue doing this wonderful work and continue this work. Mr. P. R., Customer Support (Finance)

Excellent communication and interaction skills. You are very dedicated and have excellent ability to understand requirements and present my career accordingly. Mr. M. R., Production Manager (Manufacturing)

This service has been very helpful for me. The resume is impressive and will make a good first impression in the employer's mind. Mr. A. G., Design Engineer (Automobile)

The layout is appealing and the content give a clear picture of what the candidate can deliver. The activities explained are clear cut so that the employer can depend on those lines. In total, a well formed resume. Mr. D. L., Civil Engineer (xx)

The product (resume) is excellent, especially the efforts put in by you to find my exact requirements. Mr. J. M., Facilities Manager (Engineering)

Many of the resumes go to the dust bin, they say. Your resume reduces the chances of failure. God bless you with more innovative ideas and the flair for assisting people like me. Life is very simple with Resume Labb. Many thanks. Mr. N. S., CEO (Media)

Good command of English. Overall good. Ms. P. S., Customer Care Executive (Media)

The service is very good. It will help me present my best to the employers. Mr. V. H., Business Development (Software)

Talking about myself and my skills was a good experience, and the output was very good. Mr. M. A., Application Developer (Software)

Excellent! Will get more people better jobs. Mr. J. S., Admin Executive (ITES)

Excellent service. Highly commendable. Mr. T. V., Admin Officer (Railways)

A fantastic job! Mrs. A. V., Company Secretary (Shipping)

My resume has a totally new look. Thank you very much. Mr. P. S., Senior Engineer - Production (Biotech)

It looks impressive! Best of luck! Mr. B. S., Chartered Accountant (Management Consultancy)

Simple but excellent. Mr. V. V., Design Engineer (Electronics)

This is one of the best quality resumes I have seen in my life. Mr. M. T., Customer Support Officer (Healthcare)

I appreciate the efforts put in the resume, right from font selection to usage of appropriate words. It is extremely appealing and will be an excellent marketing tool for me. Mr. G. J., Stores Officer (Retail)

Dedicated. Mr. C. B., Travel Manager (Leisure & Travel)

Really impressive. Totally different from other resumes I have seen. Hope the employer is in that mind too - great advance thanks! Mr. E. B., Senior MIS Assistant (Electrical)

The resume looks entirely different and will definitely impress the interviewer. Best of luck for your future growth. Mr. R., Shift Manager (Food)

Highly satisfied with the resume. Wonderful job done. I would like to thank (Resume Labb) for spending so much time to understand me and then to put it on paper. I wish Resume Labb success. Ms. A. S., Senior Training Executive (Education)

I got what I was promised. The resume has made me more confident. Mr. K. K., CEO (ITES)

I am able to visualize the dedication of time and energy to achieve perfect results. Again, this is really an extremely good job. Mr. M. R., Advocate (Law)

Tip #2: If you have doubtful information, do not include them. Your technical profile would look definitely better with your expert areas than the skills you are not sure of!          more resume writing tips