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Testimonial #7140: "It is as good as I had expected it to be and am pretty impressed with myself :-) Its really nice and encompasses everything I have done in the last 12 yrs and highlights it in the best way possible in 2 pages." Mr. A. N. [Director, Hospitality]                     more testimonials

If you have 10-15 years of experience...get your resume crafted for Rs. 10995/USD 170

With over a decade's experience at hand, you would have risen to be an expert in a particular function, domain or industry. Your target roles could be Deputy GM, Asst. V.P., Project Manager, Delivery Head, Program Manager, Asst. Director with responsibilities to manage marketing, service delivery, sales, procurement, business development, projects, logistics, patient care or finance in IT, manufacturing, services, banking, telecom, financial services, medical, retail, hospitality, ITES or pharmaceuticals.

Your resume has to explicitly portray your area of expertise backed with your differentiating professional traits, proven track record and the potential to handle senior management roles. Coherence of content, clear mention of your USP and substantiation of your claims can help you make a good pitch. Being concise would give you the edge; try to grab your prospective employer's attention by presenting facts clearly, credibly and convincingly.

Current position: Your next move could be a role focusing on a specialty of yours - be it in terms of function, industry, domain or geography. Clarity about your expertise and the role is essential before you advance with your career move. You could be handling middle management responsibilities and would be targeting positions that prepare you for the role that will take you to the epitome of your career.

Basic preparation: An analysis of your past experience and future goals could provide you with the information required to plan your next move. Explore the diverse possibilities available through discussions and researches; investigate roles that could use your expertise - if you are focusing on a functional strength, seek out roles in industries, geographies and domains outside your earlier experience; let your earlier experience not limit your options.

Way forward: Pitch your chosen area of expertise strongly. Support your claim with evidence of responsibilities handled, achievements realized and contributions made. Focus on recent assignments or assignments relevant to your target role. It is true that you have a decade's experience to portray but presenting the right ones will make the difference.

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Tip #4: Keep it short - let it be the summary of your life and not a biography.          more resume writing tips

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