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You could be a novice to managerial roles or are ready for middle management assignments. You could be a Project Lead, Regional Manager, Financial Analyst, Asst. Manager, Process Engineer, Floor Manager, Team Lead, Account Manager, Software Consultant, Unit Manager, Technical Specialist, Business Development Manager, Events Manager, Purchase Manager or a Network Administrator.

Over these years, you might have gained deeper understanding of the varied functions and have proven your abilities in them. Despite the extensive experience across diverse functions, industries and geographies, a resume can do justice only as long as you have a clear goal. Collating all strengths and expecting the employer to pick the skill and role that you seem to fit is precarious. When the person who understands your strengths, your experience and your dreams is you, why leave this choice to someone else? A resume that speaks about your expertise in a particular domain, industry or function with focus on management abilities could take you closer to your dream role.

Current position: You might be seeking career enhancement or career transition. You would like to move ahead with a focus on your managerial skills which could have been gained from your experience in  leading teams, guiding distribution channels, handling client relationships, administering vendors or managing resources. Display of skills and experience in managing people, resources, budgets, deadlines, quality or accounts could have a greater impact.

Basic preparation: Creating a roadmap could be a good start; a 3 and a 5+ year plan of your career and personal life can help you identify your goals. The next role need not be limited to your earlier experience. Make a list of your strengths, your expertise and your dreams, and try to match them with possible target roles. Having identified the prospects, conduct extensive research to understand the requirements of the profile, make use of all the resources at your disposal - internet, peers, friends, consultants, family.

Way forward: Your resume at this stage has to clearly portray your managerial abilities and focus on your potential to handle higher roles. Selection of the role and the information required to substantiate your candidature is crucial. This can be achieved by backing your claim with proven skills, accomplishments and your potential for more.

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Tip #6: Once you have arrived at the choice of your target profile, maintaining the focus throughout the resume is important.          more resume writing tips

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