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Testimonial #2310: "Before approaching Resume Labb I had lot of doubts about resume development and being a fresher I was very nervous. I got lots of confidence for the interview during the discussion." Mr. N. S. [Fresher, IT]                  more testimonials

If you are are Fresher with no experience...get your resume crafted for Rs. 4995/USD 70.

Freshers, you with no work experience are part of the most competitive group in the job market. Unlike your experienced job seeking  counterparts, you have a more difficult task of selling yourself as you would be facing stiffer competition everywhere. Your competitors could be from similar academic backgrounds, have shared similar curricula and ventured into similar projects.

You could be a graduate or post graduate in Arts, Business, Commerce, Computers, Engineering, Geography, Law, Medicine or Science discipline. Whatever it be, the way to express your candidature for the target position is to clearly mention the reasons that make you the ideal one.

Current Situation: You competition is huge, thousands of students passing out along with you, those who have taken time to pursue a technical certification  and those who have postponed the start of their career. Your might have a clear career goal or still be undecided. You next move might be another academic experience or a foray into the professional world. Your career could be an extension of your academic concentration or something way out of it.

Basic preparation: Make a list of what differentiates you from your peers - all that will give you the extra edge, all those reasons why a prospective employer could be interested in hiring you. It could be a social activity, all those awards you won at the athletic meet, your contribution to the organization of the college management meet, the chance of making a paper presentation or how your project was unique due to its application value. More important are those traits that set you apart - we are not talking about "hardworking", "sincere", "dedicated", "communication skills". Be specific and try to back each claim with evidence and details of your approach.

Way forward: Job portals, next to campus interviews, are your best friends in your job search; where else can you target so many companies in a single shot. Create a resume that strongly explains why the company should hire you and post it on as many job portals as possible. Do not forget to keep track of campus interviews and ads (newspapers, websites) for entry level positions. Try to reach out to companies through employee referrals. At this stage, no path should be left untried.

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Tip #7: The resume helps you to refer to specifics that you do not have to memorize for the interview.          more resume writing tips

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